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About k-biz.com

In the past few decades, the rapid development and proliferation of the Internet has led to a turbulent era in business.
Businesses that responded positively grew rapidly, while those that did not responded quickly retreated.
Even in this rapidly changing era, the local business was out of this turbulence.
This is because local business is based on stores in a certain area and most of its customers are visiting customers.
However, due to the corona crisis, the non-face-to-face era has begun in earnest.
Now, even local businesses face the inevitable fate of Internet businesses.

However, most local businesses are self-employed in the form of small businesses.
It's not easy for them to build their own web-based software to support eCommerce.
k-biz has software solutions that support most industries.
Founded in 1999, k-biz is a specialized company that has developed ERP software for companies.
Now, k-biz wants to provide all these solutions for free to k-biz members.
In addition, k-biz will support most of the services required by its members.
With k-biz, you will achieve a successful business.

Enterprise value of k-biz

Everything in the world is moving to the Internet.
As futurists say, the world has become dominated by software.
Software on the Internet is a cyber architecture.
These cyber buildings (webs) are implementing all offline work online as they are.
However, companies that implement offline services as they are online
It's not even 10%. [Click: U.S. Business List]
Small businesses with less than 10 employees, which account for 90% of all companies, remain offline.
Their web software is a simple brochure-type promotional website with no back-office functionality.
To put it simply, only the pattern is software. [Click: WebPOS system]

k-biz has many IT solutions.
The first goal is to support local businesses that are suffering from being alienated from the Internet.
Do you have the same future vision for k-biz?
If so, please become an early member of k-biz and become a high contributor.
The free stock of k-biz will stop after a certain period of time.
Eventually, the owner of k-biz will be the initial member.